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Should You Buy a Piano or a Keyboard?
Piano or Keyboard: Which Should You Go With?

Although the piano and the keyboard appear to have the same basic features, there is a wide

range of differences between the two. These differences become apparent when considering

how they are constructed, used, and the type of music each one plays.
The Beatles in Mono
'The goal here was to replicate as closely as possible what their original intention was. The music didn't get any better. It stayed as great as it was.' --Steve Berkowitz (lead producing engineer, 'The Beatles in Mono')
5 Songs to Learn on Piano
These carefully selected songs not only sound great with the single instrument and are easy to learn, but people will actually know what song you’re playing and possibly even sing along!
Improving A Child's IQ through the Piano
There have been countless studies done, such as those done at the University of Toronto and the University of Wisconsin, that indicate that playing the piano enhances the IQ of children. The premise of these groundbreaking studies is that children have higher levels of plasticity in their brain, which comes along with learning and developing, and playing the piano stimulates the brain, making it stronger.
The Five Things You Need to Know to Move a Piano
If you're planning on moving a piano, you're going to need the know-how in order to get the job done. Moving such a heavy, cumbersome, and expensive piece of furniture is no easy task and the margin for error is very slim. There is virtually no chance that you will be able to move the piano by yourself, even the strongest of people cannot move a piano. You will need the right equipment to move the piano, and you will need to exercise stringent care and patience. Moving a piano, in a word, is difficult; here's how it can be done.
Masters of Piano
You've heard their beautiful, grand music in the soundtracks of popular movies, TV shows, and radio stations. Throughout history, there have been a number of virtuosos that have chosen the piano as their primary instrument. Given the flexible nature of the piano in composition, piano is a popular area of expertise for musicians. Beginning in the 19th century, the piano became a hugely popular piece of furniture that became a hallmark of status, especially in Victorian society. At the turn of the century, the piano even became a presence in the homes of the poor, making it readily available t
Petey the Piano
Petey the Piano was excited to be moving, he had been forced to stay in one place for too long. Read all about his unexpected adventure.

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