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Dog Day Afternoon
What did Lee Harvey Oswald do in those first several minutes after the President was assassinated in Dallas. What do his actions and movements reveal about his role in the plot and also the role of other notorious characters in "Big D" that afternoon.
Red Oswald, Blue Oswald
Its all about one man. Was he Red or was he Blue.
Ray Rice Redux
The cover up is worse than the crime. True that in politics and sports as well.
How My Moment of Cowardice Destroyed a Billion Dollar Global Corporation
Failure is bitter and long lasting. I failed myself, my family and my Company 35 years ago. The damage seemed tiny at that moment but had huge ramifications in business history. I carry this burden through life.
The Rules Committee Report
A mythical Presidential Blue Ribbon rules committee is appointed to clean up the blunders and absurdities visited upon our National Sports and games by the perenially short-sighted owners.
Ray Rice, the Rockem Sockem Robot of the Raritan Valley
I guess if this were the first time this had ever came up we would be a little more trusting of the standard domestic violence defenses put forth on behalf of rich privileged star athletes but Mr. Rice had predecessors in this ignominious field and the routine is getting a little too familiar to be swallowed whole by the public.
The Two Party System
How different is our revered American Two Party System from the Communist One Party System. In 2014 the answer is not much. Please do not vote for these thieves.
Lessons From a Dumb Ass
Sometimes it takes a public tantrum to teach sportsmen about sportsmanship.
Silly Rabbit
A poor choice of pronouns, a clumsy vocabulary, a lapse in sentence construction skills; any of these minor annoyances has the potential to cost a man all of his dignity and most of his fortune. It happened that way to Billionaire Donald Sterling.
Club Closed and Case Closed
Jack Ruby made a mistake on November 22, 1963. It was published for everyone to see.
Chosing to Lose
Winning isn't everything. Sometimes one must choose to lose for the greater good of the team and The glory of the sport. Case in point: the 2005 Super Bowl.
Obamacare is O.K.
The reality of Obamacare is much friendlier to Americans and beneficial to our society than any of the screaming critics ever suggested it could be. What were they talking about?
Player Hatin'
For some reason our society has made maharajas out of professional team sports players. The financial stakes of the inner game are huge and the skills required to win are formidable.
Please Don't Ride Amtrak, Leave it for Me
A careful consideration of the pro and cons of using our up and running ationalo passenger railroad as an alternative to domestic airline service.
Motown Drives Over the Fiscal Cliff
The Detroit Bankruptcy. What it means and what it does not mean.
A Woman's Right to Choose
The evolution olf the abortion debate in America. How did we get here? Where are we going?
The Dragon Slayed Darwin
Darwin's theory of the Evolution of Species is dead. All the phony science about eons of earth time is soon going to be as ridiculed as any map of the flat earth ever was. Don't be the last one off the sinking ship named H.M.S. Beagle.
Talking Real Baseball
The game that America, latin America and Asia loves for its amazing balance of offense and defense, its endless startegic problems and its explosive action has been modified in the name of progress. We are at tthe crossroads of preserving it for ever or allowing it to be changed into the Home Run Derby show for the benefit of the short attention spans of of the you tube generation.
Scalia Trashes the U.S. Constitution to Favor his Gun-Nut Buddies
The right to bear arms is not in the Constitution. It was fabricated in 2008 by Judge Antonin Scalia who poses as a strict constructionist but shows he can make up his own laws as well as any abortion-rights liberal who ever served on the Supreme Court
Economic Holocaust on the Hudson
When Corporate greed betrayed an entire City full hard-working people the folks who had never asked for anything from anyone were also ignored and abandoned by the politicians and the Government they had selflessly supported for decades.
I Met a Man Who Had No Shoes, His Name is Jeffery Hillman
When Officer Lawrence DePrimo was caught in an act of kindness and charity buying warm boots for jeffrey Hillman on a cold November night it opened a door into the underworld inhabited by the homless. When the recipient of the charity betrayed the Officer by selling the shoes the next day we all learned some long overdue lessons about the fakes who perrenially exploit our sympathies and ruin our cities.
I Do Not Support Our Troops
How can we affirm our support for our American military troops while we reject the core purpose of their mission overseas.
Who Killed Jonathan Luna, Esquire?
The murder of a Federal Prosecutor has remained unsolved for nine years. Is this perhaps because certain people very close to the situation do not want it to be solved.
Living Large in the Poorest City in America
The Census Bureau tells us we are the officially the poorest city in America but why doesn't life seem to be so bad for so many of us?
Ten Conclusions About Nine Eleven
Obvious observations. Reasonable inferences. Rational conclusions. A attempt to understand the unfathomable.

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