Search - Good Article Exposure - 7 Tips

Here at, articles that are published have an excellent reputation for being indexed in search engines. For example, in looking at our traffic, we see that we get a search query from Google that lands on an article about every 5 seconds. Other search engines also have search queries that have in high standing with them. We have done a fair bit of optimization of our site to generate such positive and highly sought after results. But you, as article writers, can also increase the traffic to your article(s). Some of you do use these procedures regularly with fantastic results. We'll outline a few tips below in how you can increase the exposure of your articles.

Tip 1: Have an interesting and unique title for your article. For example, if your article topic is about fashion, a poor title would be "Fashion Tips". While a good title would be "Fashion Tips For Today's Business Woman". You may argue that a simpler title offers to a wider audience, which may be true to a point, but when people are searching (via search engines), they generally have a more refined search query. Your article titles should reflect this.


Tip 2: Keywords should always be included with your article. At, your keywords go at the very end. These keywords must be somewhere in the body of the article or else they are ineffective and could be detrimental in search engine placement. In addition with a few keywords, keyphrases are highly sought after by search engines. Again, these keyphrases should be somewhere in the body of the article. *Note*- It is a very bad practice to spam the body of your article with the same keyphrase over and over.


Tip 3: Use Proper Grammar. A good practice is to proof read your article(s). Improper grammar is one of the points our editors regularly delete articles. Some of you are fond of "article spinning". We generally frown on this practice, but have noticed some authors are quite adept in spinning articles. In that vein we do not have a problem with it. But we see most users of "spinners" are simply lazy and their article product is of such low quality (grammatically) it is useless to anyone, and especially useless to us and the readers of your articles.


Tip 4: Tweet your articles. At, on each page of an article is a Twitter button. Tweeting your articles is great for exposure and can garner you a wider audience. We have seen those that used this simple practice gain many people to follow their author feeds with us.


Tip 5: Use Social Media. Linking to your article through Facebook, Digg, Google+, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, etc. is an excellent way to "get your article out there". Search engines also love the fact that they can see your article linked from elsewhere ... especially social media sites.


Tip 6: Use your article feeds. Some authors may not know it, but has an article feed for each author. If you do not know your article feed URL, you will find it at the bottom of the page of any of your articles. Submitting your feeds to RSS services is great for exposure.


Tip 7: Have a good biography. Having a picture (of yourself) and a good biography about yourself is almost essential for serious exposure. Setting up your biography and uploading a picture can be done in your member's area.