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Many have inquired about how our editors actually edit articles. Below is a brief description on how each of our editors approach editing articles. Do note though, that each editor has its own special panel for editing. Some of the functions used by the editors to edit, are automatically accomplished by programmed scripts.

Step 1: Articles that do not meet our 500 word minimum (in the body) are automatically deleted.
Step 2: Articles from known spammers are automatically deleted. Spammers, in our definition, are supposed authors that submit articles repeatedly that do not follow many of the submission guidelines. Any and all articles from these repeat offenders are deleted.
Step 3: Duplicate submissions of articles are automatically deleted. Sometimes an author may inadvertently submit the same article twice, but our process will delete subsequent duplicated articles AFTER the initial submission.
Step 4: A review of new pennames is done by the editors. Any improper penname not following our guidelines is deleted, along with any articles submitted under the improper penname. Accounts that repeatedly submit improper pennames may have their entire account deleted. Editor's discretion.
Step 5: Actual editing with a live editor

- Title is checked. Here the editor is looking for a decent title. Titles with none of the words capitalized will be deleted. Titles that do not indicate anything about the article will be deleted. For example, if you are writing about "Dog Houses" ... simply putting "Dog Houses" as a title tells nothing about the article. A more appropriate title would be "How to Weatherproof Your Dog House". In addition, titles that contain a URL will be deleted.

- Summary and Body are checked. URLs in summary will be deleted. Summary and Body of article must be grammatically correct. If minor grammatical errors are noted, the article may be declined (not deleted), and an email may be sent to the author. The author of the article will have at least one week to modify the article and resubmit it. Articles that have been declined ... and have not been corrected by the author will eventually be deleted.
Note about "Spun" articles: Although we mildly frown on "spun" articles ... we do recognize some authors are very good at spinning articles. Having said that, we have also noticed several authors that are terrible at spinning an article, and basically send unreadable content for an article that makes no sense. The latter, we do not deem as grammatical errors, and the editor may delete the article (at their discretion).

- Resource box is checked. If the resource box contains way too many URLS ... the article will be deleted. If live URLS are miscoded, the editor may alter the URL so that it works correctly. Live links should pertain to the content of the article.

-Keywords are checked. The most important part of the article are keywords. They must be seperated by commas. Improper keywords, such as sentences, in the keyword section may result in the article being declined, and an email sent to the author for correction. - Articles that have improper content, i.e. pornographic, promote hate, etc., will be deleted. All editors attempt to edit per the Submisson Guidelines of Articles that have been declined and resubmitted, go through the same editorial process as above. Articles that have been accepted may or may not have an email notification sent to the author indicating so. Editor's discretion. Note: Certain types of articles will not be published on for various reasons. These would include articles about ... acai berry, pay day loans, erectile dysfunction, escort services, replica shoes and jerseys, etc.