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Old Mission San Luis Rey - The most splendid among California Missions 
Most of the Missions got secularized by the end of 1800's. The Government also returned most of the institutions to the Catholic Church. A majority of them serve as active churches fulfilling the spiritual needs of the congregation. Some are renowned retreat centers. The one which enjoys immense popularity as a retreat center at present is Old Mission San Luis Rey.
Higher consciousness for a Life full of Abundance 
Social pressure, work tension, and the hustles of relationship are going to affect your mind. Every thought that is negative and depressing is going to affect your life, and you are going to get doomed day by day.
Leadership Insanity 
There are at least two definitions of the word insanity: the one in the dictionary, and the cliché we've all heard, used, and knowingly nodded our head at when hearing it.As a leader, the choices we make from the options above have far-reaching implications. Choose to act - it is a leadership job requirement, and an antidote for insanity.
5 Fear Based Emotions That Destroy People 
Do these 5 fear based emotions play a role in your life or business?
Who is Your Biggest and Worst Enemy? 
Do you know who your worst enemy is?
Welcome To An Insane World Where Everything's Backwards! 
No doubt about it we're living in a topsy-turvy insane world where everything: education, healthcare, politics, food production... is backwards. Here's my list to undoubtedly prove this...
Are You Disappointed With Your Own Personality? 
We often hear someone say this about a person 'He has an amazing personality.' In simple words, that particular person is being referred to as pleasant and likable.
Beating Blue Monday - the 'Worst Day of the Year' 
It's Blue Monday, but it doesn't have to feel like it. Here is a short list of actions that will insure that you will have a better day, and certainly not have your worst day of the year.
What Do You Believe? 
For leaders, The Pygmalion Effect can have significant impact on your success. Here's how you can use it to better reach your goals and succeed!
Mature person (2) 
The perfect person who reached the fifth dimension perceives everything from the perspective of Allah (swt). He draws lessons from everything. He takes care of Allah's consent in everything he performs. He is fair in all his judgments. He is now a reliable person whom everybody trusts. He has no dual standards. He doesn't act differently when something is advantageous or disadvantageous for him. He is a real believer and his criteria are the criteria of Allah (swt). He has no concern, doubt, fear or worry, beyond being honored with consent of Allah (swt).
Simple Tricks about How to Gain Self Confidence 
Over the time the world has become a shady place, people here are jealous of each other, and they are always trying to pull someone down.
Do You Listen to Understand or to Respond? 
Do you listen to understand or respond? Effective listening is a skill that can be developmed. 8 tips to more effective listening.
What Is The Finest Non Lethal Self-Defense 
It looks like violent criminal offense is everywhere nowadays. From the local nightly news to the front page of the morning paper, we are constantly reminded that we stay in a hazardous and unforeseeable world.
Mature person (1) 
When a person becomes a real Muslim by being surrendered and subject to Allah (swt), he begins acting in accordance with the will of Allah (swt). Therefore, even the wishes seem to be emerging from him are in fact the wishes of Allah (swt). And also a mature person perceives everything with the light of Allah that He granted him by divine training. Person must escape from the meaning blind and learn to perceive everything with the light of Islam while he is in the world. It is related to refinement of the nafs and purifying the heart.
How to Change Your Mindset From Employee to Entrepreneur 
So, you want to be an entrepreneur, huh? Really? Dude, you can't be serious. Do you know how?
What Adults Can Learn From Show and Tell 
Show and tell is a mainstay in elementary schools everywhere. But there are a lot of leadership lessons in this exercise that we can apply to create powerful outcomes for ourselves and our teams.
A new personality in the fifth dimension 
The most important feature of personality is the free will. A person with a personality of fourth dimension conflicts with many people on some occasions with his will because the wishes that a person sets out for his nafs are generally composed of the things others don't want for their nafs. But the mature person in the fifth dimension doesn't have such 'ego' problems because he gave up his will voluntarily and became subject to Allah's will. His nafs is now purified from human attributes most of which are composed of animal and instinctive desires and reshaped with morality Allah ordered.
The Great Humanitarian Awakening and World Peace 
Slowly but surely, there is a great humanitarian awakening going on: Those already awake realize that the world is an illusion and have some understanding over how they and most of the human race are being manipulated. -This understanding is the key to our transformation and creating world peace...
5 Ways to Immediately Increase Your Effectiveness 
Do you use only 10% of your brain? Was Einstein right? Want to be more effective? 5 ways to immediately improve your overall effectiveness.
The Most Important Reason Not to Fear Resistance 
Here are three reasons leaders shouldn't fear resistance, but rather use it to propel themselves even closer to their goals.
A 90 Minute Activity for New Year's Eve 
Here's a short exercise that will be fun, informative and will help you to start your year off right!
Celebrities And The Entertainment Industry's Darkest Aspects 
For many years I've had this nagging suspicion that those people worth 10's of millions have in some way sold themselves to the dark side to get their fortune. Those who've made their fortune in the entertainments industry are no exception...
Quanta Personal Development Review - How To Change Your Self-Image 
Not happy with your self-image? Not happy with your relationships? Do you want to change?
Negative Thoughts - The Cure for the Silent Killer 
Do you focus on negative thoughts? Do you know what will destroy your life, relationships or finances if not under control?
Quanta Mentor Moment - Do You Have PIECE OF MIND? 10 Steps To Obtain It 
Do you have piece of mind? If not, here are 10 steps to move toward greater piece of mind.

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