World Heritage Sites and Tourist Treasures in Egypt!

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Egypt is a nation that has numerous historical marvels much to the delight of tourists who come here from the world over and go back delighted after getting glimpses of many a place which have made this country a unique destination for all those who arrive here expecting something unusually antique. They feel fortunate to have been to places that stood ground since time immemorial. Some of these spots are protected under UNESCO. These precious sites are a proud heritage of Egypt.


This place falls under World Heritage Sites of Egypt Tourism. Luxor is the modern name of Thebes. The place got its present name from Arab Moslems which means 'the city of palaces' after they got fascinated with countless edifices and temples existed here. You can see many buildings at Thebes which have large gates. Perhaps that's why people called it "hundred gated city" once. You can be at various historic sites while visiting Thebes. These are

Luxor-East Bank

You will come face to face with 134 gigantic columns when you make tour of World Heritage Sites of Egypt Tourism. The place is situated on the east bank of the Nile and leads to Karnak temple. The enormity of the area leaves you spellbound. Moving ahead, you reach Luxor Temple. The trip to this site take some four hours before you put your food in the colossal complex of Luxor Temple which dates back to 1400 BC. The feeling of being in an altogether different world overcomes you. Standing amongst the antiquities you wish you could spend some more time here.

Luxor-West Bank

The place you'll reach during the next step of your tour is called the Valley of the Kings. Tombs about which you have been hearing all these years can be found here. The interiors of the walls of this place have inscriptions that'll give you historical information about this site. You'll also get to visit Colossi of Memnon and Temple of Queen Hatshepsut while roaming around the area.

Abu Mena

It was a Christian pilgrimage center, monastery complex and a city in the acient time. It is situated at southwest of Alexandria. It was declared world heritage site in 1979. While there are a few remains left, you can see the foundations of great basilica and other major buildings.


Pyramids of the place are famous but the city is not just about them. Inside the modern city, one finds famous hammams, madrasas, fountains and mosques. It is one of the oldest Islamic cities of the world.

Wadi Al-Hitan

This is a whale Valley. Tens and thousands of fossils of whales are found here. If one wants to watch the ancient bones, one can cover the distance to the place either by foot, in a car or on a camel.

Abu Simbel

At Abu Simbel, you can see Temples of Ramses II. Another spot at Philae is the Sanctuary of Isis. These two places though much known are as beautiful as pyramids.
These place and some more are worth a visit for anyone making a tour of Egypt.

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