Lifestyle of Maharashtra - the Blend of Traditional and Modern Culture

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The state of Maharashtra is technically the little India in itself. The diverse culture and customs spread throughout India can be seen in Maharashtra too. The lifestyle of Maharashtra is inspired by both traditional inheritance and inspired culture from the Western countries. The sea links, heritage buildings, religious shrines, Mumbai dabbawalas reflect the lifestyle of Maharashtrians. The ethnically diverse India is well described on with special focus on Maharashtra, through the eyes of first time visitor to the State.


The conventional families still prefer wearing dhoti and pheta while the women wear saree and choli. Men are also used to wear a cap or turban around their heads in the traditional style. However, in modern days, this is done away with.


The cuisines are basically two varieties viz., the konkan and Varadi style. The staple food is wheat which is used to make Indian bread or roti. The cuisines from Konkan Belt tickle the taste buds of any tourist who tries it for the first time. This wing of cuisine is inspired from Karnataka and Goa which uses coconut as flavour. Also varadi cuisine, found commonly in Maharashtra has more spices like pepper and one cannot forget the taste of spice in Mumbai Chaats.

Religious Beliefs

The population is mostly dominated by Hindu religion and Islam being the next popular religion. There are also sects of people who believe in Buddhism and Zoroastrianism. The Parsis hailed from Greece and settled down mostly in India and have pioneered the construction of fire God temples and shrines. The mosques in memory of Haji Ali, who preached Islam, Temple dedicated to Pontiff Sai Baba are other well noted tourist places in this State.

Historically famous paintings and the architecture at Ajanta and Ellora leaves any viewer awestruck at intricacy involved in that bygone era. Also the Shivaji Terminal, Juhu Beach and Siddhi Vinayak Temple are other places of tourist interests.


Marathi is dominantly spoken in this area while other languages like Hindi and English have their fair share of popularity. The lifestyle of Maharashtra is not centred on any particular thing or culture. The people are dynamic in adapting the diversity and embracing the people from other regions.

Festival Celebrations

The life and colour of Maharashtrians lie in the way they celebrate festivals. The zeal with which the festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Krishnashtami are celebrated hail the religious connect of people of Maharashtra, who in spite of being inspired by Western culture; do follow the Indian Traditions to the core. The Maharashtrians take festivals very seriously which is apparent in the songs, dance and music of their festive celebrations. Also Deepavali, the festival of lights is celebrated with much enthusiasm throughout the region. The rhythm and glamour are visible in other dance forms like Koli and Lavani. The Povada style of dance is interesting form of dance in this State.

Other aspects of Tourist Interest

The songs of traditional people of Maharashtra involve the Natya Sangeet, a combination of dance and songs which is abundant in folk repertoire.

The style and cinema industry go hand in hand. And mention of Maharashtra is incomplete without mentioning the hub of film industry- the Bollywood. Being the industrial hub and centre for entertainment, most of the happenings in Maharashtra is centred on its capital, also the metro city, Mumbai. Also the industrial hub of Pune is equally famous for their diversified cultural habits.

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